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Learn the 4 secrets to creating a website that attracts your dream clients

Learn how to create a website with clarity, excitement and ease, and finally break free from endless hours of Googling, overwhelm and the fear of imperfection.

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"Failing to plan is planning to fail."
- Benjamin Franklin

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OMG this was amazing!

Nicola touched on so many points I'd never even thought about. 

Laura Outhet

Such a value packed training!

Thank you so much, I feel so confident about my website content and what I need to gather together to create a successful website. 

Andrea Rix

What You'll Learn In This Course


Lesson 1

How to define your website goals and plan our your customer journey


Lesson 2

The no 1 element you need in order to create a professional, consistent and trusty worthy website.


Lesson 3

The types of eye catching, engaging imagery you need on your website


Lesson 4

How to write copy that turns your browsers into buyers!


Lesson 5

The best platform to bring your website to life and that will grow with your business

Meet your teacher

I'm Nicola! I teach driven female entrepreneurs how to create gorgeous websites without the price tag and frustration so that they can grow their businesses and live their dream lives NOW!

I've been designing and developing beautiful websites for 7 figure female entrepreneurs from New York to Melbourne and Bali for over 5 years and in that time I've seen ALL the frustrations when it comes to creating online spaces - and that's why I created 'Launch with WordPress'.

I want you to have the freedom the online world offers and that starts with knowing that you have the power and resources to create a stunning DIY website that is done for now instead of aiming hopelessly for a non-existent, expensive picture of perfection.

I want you, the startup creative entrepreneur, the freedom seeker, to get out of your own way and hit publish on your dream website.

Nicola Tweed 2

Nicola Tweed

- Web Design & Developer