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  • Essential Components: Uncover the six critical elements necessary to build an impactful website.
  • Website Goals: Master the art of setting effective website goals with practical examples and step-by-step guidance.
  • Brand Alignment Tips: Ensure your website remains true to your brand identity with resources, including a Canva style guide template.
  • Imagery Tips: Discover expert advice on selecting the best images to enhance your website’s visual appeal, alongside high-quality sources for website imagery.
  • Domain & Hosting Tips: Find guidance on purchasing your domain and selecting reliable hosting services from top providers.
  • Get to Work Workbook: Jumpstart your website planning with actionable exercises and tasks.
  • Copy Workbook & CTA Examples: Elevate your site’s content with our copy workbook and effective call-to-action swipe examples.



Mama, smoothie-maker, web designer and your new WordPress and business bestie.

I am obsessed with showing new business owners just how easy it is to start an online business and the immense joy and freedom the online world gives you!

It all began in 1996. I was eleven years old and I’d just maxed out my parents’ dial-up allowance to browse the internet. It was then that I knew – deep down in my toes – that I wanted to work in this exciting online world.

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