Launch in a week

Launch in a week - Nicola

You're a fast-moving boss babe who can't afford to wait six weeks for a website.

With your focus and my tech knowledge, we'll craft a custom website in just one week!

Hooray! Your life as a business owner just got easier.

You've been making-do with a makeshift web template but now,
you're ready for something more professional.
Something bespoke to your brand.
Something that perfectly reflects your growing biz.
A website you can truly be proud of.

You want to level-up fast but you want it done well.

Babe, I got you. We'll get clear on your goals, map, plan, and launch
- in just five days!

During this streamlined process, you’ll feel empowered and excited
to update your site, long after we launch.

Working with Nicola was an absolute pleasure!

I loved how thorough and detailed you were from the onboarding all the way through to the last day of working together. It was clear, useful, and I didn't have headaches

Thank you for the dedication, the amount of work but also the heart and soul you put into this.


This is for you

This is for you, if...

  • You want to go live soon!
  • You know your audience and what they're after.
  • You've invested in beautiful branding.
  • You're done with templates and web DIY.
  • You need a site that's easy to update and maintain.
  • You want to partner with a passionate, experienced web designer that gets you and your vision!


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Premier Property Law
Bea Manger

More eyes on your biz. More money in the bank. More time for you!

You’re an ambitious
woman who...

  • Wants to call in dream clients consistently.
  • Owns a wellness, lifestyle, or coaching business.
  • Feels lost in a world of code, plugins, and scary-sounding systems.
  • Is excited to launch online - and soon!
  • Dreams of growing her small to medium business.
  • Is after simple tools and strategies that work.
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Nicola Tweed

The creation process was simple and seamless!

Having a clear outline of each day's steps and goals made the process much easier than other website creators I have used in the past.

With your process, we knew exactly what we were creating, what needed to be done, and there was no time-pressure or big issues that had to be changed. Everything came together easily. I have never had such a low-stress website design experience!



✍🏻 Pre Project homework

Before we begin, you’ll need to do some Pre Project homework that includes gathering together your imagery, copy, and branding.

☎️ Two weeks before

Two weeks before our week together, we’ll hop on a call and we’ll review your content and your website admin details. This means that it still gives you time to gather whatever is outstanding before our week begins.

🎨 Monday

On the Monday of our week, I’ll design the full website based off on your submitted homework and by the end of the day, you’ll receive the completed mockups.

👩‍💻 Tuesday & Wednesday

You then have Tuesday morning to review the mockups and provide feedback. I’ll make amends in the afternoon and you’ll have the new mockups to you by Tuesday evening. You’ll then sign them off on Tuesday evening and I’ll start on the development website on Wednesday morning.

✅ Thursday

By Thursday mid-morning, I’ll have your website fully developed and ready for you to review and check. We’ll then hop on a call and you’ll be able to request any real time edits that you’d like done.

🥂 Friday

On Friday morning, I’ll implement some basic SEO, link your Google Analytics & Search Console Account and Facebook Pixel and I'll do any last minute checks. We’ll then schedule a call to walk you through updating and maintaining your website. You’ll then have your website completed and good to go whenever you are ready to launch.



strategy call

One-on-one strategy consultation to help you get clear on your goals and map out your site.

Checklists, resources & video guides

I'll provide you with checklist, resources and video guides to help you ensure you have all the right content for a successful website.

Launch setup assistance

Need help with your domain, hosting or emails? Don't worry I've got you! We'll ensure everything is set up correctly before you launch!

Custom designed & developed WordPress website

A fully branded five-page easy to maintain WordPress website designed & developed using the BEST website tools.


Integration of your chosen email marketing software and social media accounts.

Fully tested!

Fully mobile responsive (for mobile and tablet viewing) and browser tested.

Protect & Grow your investment

Starter Search Engine Optimisation and setup of security, spam protection and monthly backups.

Full tutorial guides

Custom tutorials on your websites dashboard to help you feel empowered and excited to update your site, long after we launch.


For now, you might just want a simple 5-page website but you've got big plans!

Whenever you're ready, we can add:

An online shop
A membership program
A course platform
A sales page

I love how proactive you are and how smooth everything went!

You really put a lot of thought into what my business is and how it might appeal to customers design wise.


Once you're live, I'll equip you with everything you need to update your site. From new pages to posts, you'll be able to do it all!

And don't forget to


Nicola Tweed 2

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Nicola

Mama, smoothie-maker, web designer, and your new business bestie.

I help ambitious women from all over the world to shine online with tailor-made websites. You've got goals to smash and a life to live so let's keep things simple, fast, and fun!